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Amy Adams (2008 interview) -The Enchanted star goes back to old London towne in the old-school parlor comedy Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
Amy Adams (2013 interview)-Takes a human look at artificial intelligence with Her.
Bryan Adams (2005 interview)-The classic Canadian rocker returns with the new CD Room Service and a two-disk Anthology.

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Bryan Adams (2015 interview)-The classic rocker takes on some of his favorites with Tracks of My Years.

Cynthia Addai-Robinson-The actress is hot on the trail of a homicidal bookkeeper in The Accountant.

Aerosmith-The classic rock band celebrates over 40 years on the road with the concert film Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014.
The Afters-A rock band combines the divine and the profane.
Shohreh Aghdashloo-The Iranian-born actress takes a hard look at life in the Middle East with The Stoning of Soraya M.
Jessica Alba takes us for a dive Into the Blue.
Alan Alda-One of our most-loved actors adds Resurrecting the Champ to his long, impressive resume.
Kevin Alejandro brings a new face to an established hit series as the new guy on Shark.
Jaimie Alexander takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.
Reed Alexander-The former iCarly villain returns with a nefarious plot to make us healthier with Kewlbites.
Sasha Alexander brings a sense of style to the coroner's office in Rizzoli and Isles.

Mahershala Ali-The House of Cards and Hunger Games star hits Broadway with the controversial drama Smart People.

Alien Ant Farm-a group of rock and roll survivors return to the fray with their third CD Up in the Attic.
Hoodie Allen-The up-and-coming young rapper is a Happy Camper.
Joan Allen-The acclaimed actress with two films coming out at the same time takes a break to talk with us.
Woody Allen-Goes home to New York for his latest film, Whatever Works.
John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky-Taking us for a look behind the scenes of King of the Hill.

Stephen Amell-The Arrow anti-hero takes on another comic franchise with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows.

American Gothic-Harvard historian Steven Biel tackles the most famous and relentlessly parodied painting in US history.
American Head Charge-Nu Metal heads chat with Bill Henhoeffer.
Tori Amos discusses her album Boys for Pele and her career.

Jon Anderson-The legendary voice of YES talks about his new group ARW, The Tour of the Universe and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Melissa Anderson looks back (yes, she still has her sight!) on a classic television past with her memoir The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House.
Wes Anderson-The quirky film auteur gets animated with Roald Dahl's The Fabulous Mr. Fox.
Jennifer Aniston-Even though she's a couple of years removed from her Friends, her movie career won't be Derailed.

Aziz Ansari and the cast of Parks and Recreation talk to us from the red carpet.

Gethin Anthony-The British actor follows up Game of Thrones by channeling a legendary mad man as Charles Manson in Aquarius.
Gabrielle Anwar resurrects her career as a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend on the hit cable series Burn Notice.

Steve Aoki-The EDM DJ and record company exec celebrates a stellar career with the documentary I'll Sleep When I Die.

Michael Apted-The respected director of the Up series of documentaries looks at British history with the film Amazing Grace.
Are Sitcoms Dying? A state-of-the-union on television situation comedies.
Katie Armiger-A young country thrush plays with fire on her new album Fall Into Me.
Lucie Arnaz-The actress and singer celebrates her famous parents with her new CD Latin Roots.
Tom Arnold-The comic actor gets very serious about his disturbing role in the indie Gardens of the Night.
Darren Aronofsky-The quirky director continues exploring the deep, dark corners of talent and fame in The Black Swan.
Kelly Asbury-The animated director takes a different look at Shakespeare with Gnomeo & Juliet.
Ed Asner-The legendary TV star hits the multiplexes with the art film Gigantic and the Pixar film Up.
John G. Avildsen-The director looks back at the creation of a cinematic champion, the original classic Rocky.

Richard Ayoade submerses himself in the past in the film version of Submarine.

Mel B-The former Scary Spice judges our best on America's Got Talent.

Burt Bacharach-One of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century gets political.
Kevin Bacon takes on his most controversial role in The Woodsman.
Baha Men-The tropical group who let the dogs out sit down for a chat.
Candace Bailey-An actress finds a new life as a hostess for Attack of the Show.
Scott Bakula returns to television as one of the Men of a Certain Age.
Christian Bale survives life in a Vietnam prison camp in Rescue Dawn.
Eric Balfour tries to survive an alien invasion in the sci-fi horror movie Skyline.
Eric Bana-We keep our eyes on him in Closed Circuit.
Antonio Banderas-The actor pays tribute to his legacy by shedding light on the forgotten history of Spanish film.
The Bangles (2003 Interview) tell us about their first new studio album in fourteen years.
The Bangles (2011 Interview)-The favorite band returns with a fantastic new disk, Sweetheart of the Sun.
Samantha Banks and her cohorts bring the classic Broadway musical Les Misérables to the big screen.
Adrienne Barbeau supplements her acting career with a new role as horror novelist as her third book Love Bites hits the stores.
Javier Bardem (2007 Interview)-The Spanish star releases three English films at once.
Javier Bardem (2011 Interview)-Chasing Oscar gold again with his new film Biutiful.
Barenaked Ladies-Canadian rockers discuss their album Stunt and how strange it is to be famous.

Sam Barlow-A pioneer talks about merging video gaming and film to create a brand new art form.

Ben Barnes (2008 interview)-The British actor joins Narnian royalty in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
Ben Barnes (2013 interview) fights the supernatural in Seventh Son and discusses Narnia, the craft of acting, and how he’d love to work with J.J. Abrams.
Rona Barrett-The First Lady of entertainment reporting shares her view of Hollywood.
Fantasia Barrino-The former American Idol returns with her fourth album, Side Effects of You.
Basia-After fifteen years out of the public eye, a star jazz singer returns to the road From Newport to London.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali and the cast of Burnt tickle our taste buds with cooking tips and tales of making the film.

Jennifer Beals exercises her particular set of skills in the television version of Taken.

Violet Beane-We catch up with the latest speedster in the hit series The Flash.

Michael Beck-The 70s and 80s cult-fave actor returns to the big screen with The Grace of Jake.
Natasha Bedingfield takes the world by storm with her smash album Unwritten.

Jamie Bell and his co-horts in Fantastic Four take on a legendary comic book franchise.

Troian Bellisario and her Pretty Little Liars girlfriends come to New York to preview the next season.

Alon Benari- A pioneer talks about merging video gaming and film to create a brand new art form.

Ashley Benson and her Pretty Little Liars girlfriends come to New York to preview the next season.

Julie Benz (2011 interview)-A TV favorite goes all femme fatale in Ricochet.

Julie Benz (2017 interview)-She can check out any time she likes, but she can never leave Havenhurst.

Pablo Berger-A Spanish director gives the old classic fairytale Snow White an exotic twist with Blancanieves.
Berlin-Lead singer Terri Nunn of the new wave group looks back at her career and the band's latest album Animal.
Jon Bernthal ponders what he would do with only thirty days left before going to war in Day Zero.
Bertell-The R&B singer is Goin' Hard for stardom.
Duane Betts interview about 'Sketches of American Music' Duane Betts-The southern rock progeny is hitting the road with Sketches of American Music.
Bo Bice-The American Idol favorite looks to prove he's The Real Thing.
Demián Bichir (2014 interview) follows up his Oscar Nomination for A Better Life with feature roles in Dom Hemingway and The Bridge.

Demiŕn Bichir (2015 interview) and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Big Time Rush-TV's favorite boy band tries to Elevate their following.
Michael Biehn (2011 interview)-An action movie icon gets down and dirty with grindhouse films Bereavement and The Victim.
Michael Biehn (2012 interview) tries writing and directing with the grindhouse feature The Victim.
Jessica Biel on the road from good girl to vampire slayer.
Craig Bierko-Hopes luck will be a lady for his Broadway revival of the classic musical Guys and Dolls.
Rachel Bilson leaves her home in The O.C. to be a bad girl in The Last Kiss.
Nadia Bjorlin-The actress burns rubber in RedLine.
Dustin Lance Black-The screenwriter gets an all-star cast and great director to make the labor of love Milk to remind us of an important but mostly forgotten slain politician and activist.
Susan Blakely-Über-successful model and actress shares with us some memorable roles — the most important role being her amazing life.
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn-An actress explores grindhouse filmmaking with The Victim.
Cate Blanchett (2007 interview)-Takes a look at the dark side of school life in the psychological drama Notes on a Scandal.

Cate Blanchett (2015 interview) and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Blessid Union of Souls-The 90s hitmakers return to the fray with the indie release Close to the Edge.
Neill Blomkamp-A South African director takes a hard look at our future in the sci-fi drama District 9.
Blue Öyster Cult-The mind behind the thinking man's hard rock band looks back on thirty years of playing.
Emily Blunt-The young British actress channels royalty in The Young Victoria.
James Blunt-How does he follow up one of the most recognizable hits of the last decade?  By totally changing up his sound on his third album Some Kind of Trouble.
Anna Boden-Takes a serious look (kind of...) at mental health in It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Eric Bogosian-Actor, writer and concert performer discusses his career and the rise of the talkers.
Annabeth Bondor-Stone & Connor White interview about 'Time Tracers: The Stolen Summer.'

Annabeth Bondor-Stone brings humor and literacy to kids' lit with Time Tracers: The Stolen Summer.

Bon Jovi-The rock supergroup hits the road again for their latest album This House is Not For Sale.

Lili Bordán-Up-and-coming actress tries to survive a haunting chiller with Apparition.

David Boreanaz-The co-star of the popular series Bones investigates the show's success.

Desmin Borges (2015 interview)-We check back in with the best guy from You're the Worst.

Darren Lynn Bousman-A horror filmmaker takes a look at the more spiritual side of thrills with 11-11-11.

Katrina Bowden-The former 30 Rock fave and Sexiest Woman Alive looks to the past for her latest role in Public Morals.

April Bowlby takes her specialty for playing stupid women that we love to the hip cable comedy/drama Drop Dead Diva.
Bowling for Soup-The pop / punksters return with their latest spicy platter, The Great Burrito Extortion Case.
Warren Boyd-A producer fights addiction with the popular series The Cleaner.
Danny Boyle (2007 interview)-The renegade British director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later takes another look at the future in Sunshine.
Danny Boyle (2008 interview)-The director shoots for Oscar gold with Slumdog Millionaire.

Terry Bradshaw-A football legend gets out to see the world in Better Late Than Never.

Alice Braga-The Brazilian actress spends some time in Lower City.
Benjamin Bratt (2009 interview)-An actor fights addiction with the popular series The Cleaner.
Benjamin Bratt (2013 interview)-A Hollywood favorite lends his talents to stark indies like his latest film, The Lesser Blessed.
Creed Bratton-Long before he became The Office's resident curmudgeonly oddball, he was a sixties pop star.
Andre Braugher returns to television as one of the Men of a Certain Age.
Abigail Breslin-The young actress is a real doll in Kit Kittredge - An American Girl.
Jordana Brewster (2006 interview)-The actress is a real cut-up in Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Beginning.


Jeff Bridges-One of the most underrated actors of modern history sings for Oscar gold in Crazy Heart.
Jordan Bridges-The third generation of a legendary show business family enters acting with Conviction.
Brit and Alex-The twin sisters leave behind modeling to strike a musical pose.
Adam Brody and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.
Josh Brolin and the cast and crew of Milk make a labor of love to remind us of an important but mostly forgotten slain politician and activist.
Jonatha Brooke turns personal tragedy into life-affirming art with My Mother Has 4 Noses.
Albert Brooks and Sheetal Sheth-Trying to bridge the cultural gap in Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World.
Marc Broussard-This Louisiana singer/songwriter takes us on the road to Carencro.
Julie Brown-The Homecoming Queen has an SUV now.
Kaci Brown-How does a nice, normal teenaged girl deal with becoming a pop star?
Sophina Brown-Bringing smart and principled intensity to James Woods' protegee in Shark.

Daniel Brühl and the cast of Burnt tickle our taste buds with cooking tips and tales of making the film.

Luke Bryan-The country singer will always be himself.
bryson_small.gif (14407 bytes) Peabo Bryson-The king of smooth soul love ballads discusses his latest album and his storied career.
Sandra Bullock (2006 interview), Toby Jones, Sigourney Weaver and Douglas McGrath do their own take on Capote with Infamous.
Sandra Bullock (2013 interview) tells us about life in space in Gravity.
Billy Burke-Takes us for a future ride in the first season finale of Revolution.

James Burrows-The legendary sitcom director behind The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Taxi, Cheers, Friends, Will & Grace and many more is honored with Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows.

burrows.gif (50430 bytes) Tony Burrows-An intimate chat with one of the greatest unknown voices in pop music.
Tim Burton-Hollywood's most twisted visionary tells us about his Corpse Bride.
Steve Buscemi-Indie film's quirkiest leading man takes a road trip in Saint John of Las Vegas.
Gina Busch-Her starring role in the new indie film reveals that private eyes — they’re watching you.
Matt Bush finally gets his crazy college experience in Glory Daze.
Rose Byrne (2013 interview) goes back into the land of the ghosts and demons with Insidious: Chapter 2.

Rose Byrne (2018 interview) helps to reinvigorate the romantic comedy with the sweet film Juliet, Naked.

Nicolas Cage-The actor looks to the future in Knowing.

Sir Michael Caine (2009 Interview)-A legendary actor looks back at his career and his film Is Anybody There?

Sir Michael Caine (2010 interview) goes back to the streets he grew up on in Harry Brown.
CAKE-The alt-rock survivors reach new heights with their Showroom of Compassion.
Bryan Callen-Stand up comic, actor, podcast host or modern renaissance man?  Why not all four?

Billy Campbell fights a pandemic in the Syfy series Helix.

Bruce Campbell-The king of B-Movies puts in a little beach time as the sidekick in the popular series Burn Notice.
Neve Campbell-The actress on her revealing role in When Will I Be Loved.
Guillaume Canet returns to the mean streets of 1970 New York in the crime drama Blood Ties.
Laurent Cantet-A French Director opens eyes on education with the Oscar-nominated film The Class.
Al Capp-A biography takes a look at the dark side of a classic cartoonist.

Leos Carax-A French director takes a look at Tokyo!

Nestor Carbonell keeps an eye on the crazy goings on at Bates Motel.

Linda Cardellini-The ER nurse has three new movies coming out -- STAT.
Steve Carell (2005 interview)-This cult-favorite comedian finally nails it in The 40 Year-Old Virgin.
Steve Carell (2012 interview)-The comic actor takes an offbeat look at the Apocalypse in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.
Belinda Carlisle-The post-punk princess opens up about her life, her vices and her secrets in her memoir Lips Unsealed.
Robert Carlock-We get a tour of 30 Rock's final season from the show's exec producer and Kenneth, your NBC page.
Vanessa Carlton-The singer/songwriter pianist returns with a third album and a new artistic home.
Joelle Carter shows that her television stardom is completely Justified.

Dana Carvey-The legendary mimic helps a new generation of comics with the series First Impressions.

Alex Cary exercises his particular set of skills in the television version of Taken.

Rosanne Cash-The acclaimed singer-songwriter discusses her album Rules of Travel.
David Cassidy-Forty years on from The Partridge Family, the former teen idol reminds us why we think we love him.
Tom Cavanagh dishes on his character arc on Royal Pains, the possibility of an Ed DVD releases, pranking Mark Feuerstein and eating snacks.
Nick Cave-The singer / songwriter / actor / novelist tries his hand at a screenplay with The Proposition.
Celtic Woman interview about 'Homecoming: Live from Ireland' Celtic Woman-The beloved Irish group returns to the road with a great new live album Homecoming: Live in Ireland.
Julee Cerda interview about 'Children of a Lesser God' Julee Cerda-A young actress meets her Broadway dreams in the revival of the classic play Children of a Lesser God.

Kyle Chandler and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Charlene-The singer behind the iconic 1980s smash "I've Never Been to Me" writes about her sweet life in her autobiography.
Jessica Chastain-Breaks out with her Oscar Nominated turn in The Help.
Will Chase-Hoofin' it with the Broadway song & dance man about the new series Smash.
Don Cheadle (2004 interview) checks in with us about his acclaimed film Hotel Rwanda.
Don Cheadle (2011 interview) must deal with the world's most obnoxious policeman in The Guard.
Lisa Cholodenko-Shows a different side of family values with The Kids Are All Right.



Presley Chweneyagae-The young African actor causes a buzz with Tsotsi.
Ciara-The singer takes a shot at reality TV in I Can Do That.

Louis CK-The comedian gets animated in The Secret Life of Pets.

Patricia Clarkson (2005 interview) and her castmates wish us Good Night, and Good Luck.
Patricia Clarkson (2009 Interview) and the cast of Whatever Works help to welcome Woody Allen back to to New York.
The Click Five-The power pop group rules the radio with "Just the Girl."
George Clooney (2005 interview) and his castmates wish us Good Night, and Good Luck.
George Clooney (2011 interview)-A superstar tops off a good year with The Descendants and The Ides of March.
Glenn Close-The legendary actress reaches for the Heights as she hangs up her Shield.
Joel and Ethan Coen (2009 interview)-The maverick filmmaking brothers look back at the world of their childhood in A Serious Man.
Joel and Ethan Coen (2013 interview) -The acclaimed filmmaking brothers take on the Greenwich Village folk scene in Inside Llewyn Davis.
Lindsey Cohen-A young singer/songwriter debuts with Grace Under Pressure.

Deon Cole-Returns to the Barbershop to deliver The Next Cut.

Jaume Collet-Serra-The director takes a dip in infested waters with the Blake Lively shark thriller The Shadows.

Toni Collette and the crew of The Way, Way Back come of age at a water park.

Jessica Collins-The actress lives her life on The Nine.
Jennifer Connelly-The Oscar-winning actress takes a dip in Dark Water.

Ryan Coogler and the cast and crew of Creed return to the Art Museum steps to take a jab at rebooting a classic franchise.

Rachael Leigh Cook (2012 interview) tries playing it tough in Perception.
Rachael Leigh Cook (2013 interview) changes our Perception of her as an actress.
Rita Coolidge interview about 'Safe in the Arms of Time' Rita Coolidge-The famous singer and "Delta Lady" looks back at her career and forward to her new CD Safe in the Arms of Time.
Alice Cooper-The original shock rocker returns to his masterpiece with Welcome 2 My Nightmare.
Blake Cooper interview about 'The Maze Runner' Blake Cooper (2014 interview)-A young actor becomes the breakout favorite in the smash hit The Maze Runner.
Blake Cooper interview about 'Measure of a Man' Blake Cooper (2018 interview)-A child star grows up and learns the Measure of a Man.
Bradley Cooper interview about 'American Sniper.'

Bradley Cooper (2015 interview) hits the mark for a new level of success with American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper (2016 interview) and the cast of Burnt tickle our taste buds with cooking tips and tales of making the film.

Chris Cooper-The Oscar winning actor's role in Silver City is a strangely familiar-seeming politician.
Brady Corbet and Michael Pitt aren't playing around in Funny Games.
Sharon Corr-Steps out from her famous family group to take the spotlight with the solo album The Same Sun.


Marion Cotillard channels Piaf in La Vie en Rose.
Allen Coulter-The director takes a look back at a legendary show biz mystery in Hollywoodland.
Randy Couture-We get the smack down from the former MMA champ-turned-Expendables 2 actor.
Allen Covert-Adam Sandler's long-time collaborator steps out front with Grandma's Boy.
Cowboy Junkies-The atmospheric alt-rock band celebrates their twentieth anniversary.

Simon Cowell-Our favorite snarky judge watches us on America's Got Talent.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite shines a light on the inner workings of SeaWorld in the acclaimed documentary Blackfish.
Caprice Crane (2006 Interview)-The new novelist has people talking with Stupid and Contageous.
Caprice Crane (2009 Interview)-The novelist / screenwriter talks about her new novel and her rebooting of 90210 and Melrose Place.

Wes Craven-The legendary horror film creator tells all about his career and his latest film, The Hills Have Eyes 2.
Peter Criss-The original drummer from legendary rock band KISS discusses his potentially deadly brush with breast cancer.

David Cronenberg the acclaimed Canadian film director has A History of Violence.
Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington take a look at opposite sides of the law in American Gangster.
Billy Crudup returns to the mean streets of 1970 New York in the crime drama Blood Ties.
Tom Cruise-A superstar takes a different look at World War II in Valkyrie.
Alfonso Cuaron-A writer/director tells us about life in space in Gravity.
Burton Cummings-The former Guess Who singer returns to the road.

Justin Currie-The former leader of 90s hitmakers Del Amitri discusses going it alone with The Great War.

Adrianne Curry-The model-turned-reality TV star discusses her career and bagging her Brady.
Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman-Earn an Oscar nom for their look at a controversial protest group with If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.

Tim Curry looks back on 40 years of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Richard Curtis-The king of romantic comedies looks back at his first love with Pirate Radio.
Simon Curtis-The acclaimed director looks back at a tragic historic case in The Woman in Gold.

John Cusack channels a literary giant in The Raven.

Carlton Cuse-The producer keeps an eye on the crazy goings on at Bates Motel.

Elisha Cuthbert takes on a situation comedy with One Big Happy.

Matt Czuchry reflects on life as a guy amongst Gilmore Girls.

Alexandra Daddario-The young actress takes on "polar opposite" roles in the horror drama Bereavement and the marriage comedy Hall Pass.

John Francis Daley - The Freaks & Geeks kid grows up and joins Kitchen Confidential.

Cameron Dallas-A social media phenom takes a swing at film acting with The Outfield.

Roger Daltrey-A legendary rocker stands up to fight teen cancer.
Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless-The stars of the classic 80s cop drama Cagney & Lacey return on DVD.

Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy and Mamie Gummer go back in time to share a very special Evening.
Greg Daniels-The creator shuts down the beloved TV workplace The Office.
Paul Dano interview about 'Wildlife' Paul Dano-The cult favorite actor steps behind the camera for the acclaimed drama Wildlife.
rondante1.gif (72070 bytes) Ron Dante-A pop music legend looks back at a long, varied music career.

Tony Danza-The actor takes a shot at teaching and writes all about it with I Want to Apologize to Every Teacher I’ve Ever Had.

Darren Daulton-The former baseball All-Star catcher has found a new calling.
Larry David and the cast of Whatever Works help to welcome Woody Allen back to to New York.
Luke Davies-An Australian novelist and poet gets an Oscar nomination for the feel-good script of Lion.
Alana Davis creates a brand new home for her music.
Dana Davis-Meet one of the new heroines of Heroes.
Geena Davis-An Oscar-winning actress takes a shot at a tiny indie film in Accidents Happen.
Rosario Dawson-The actress looks at the dark side of humanity with Descent.

Daya-The new pop star knows where the good boys go to "Hide Away."

Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Thomas Anderson, Paul Dano and Ciaran Hinds warn us that There Will Be Blood.
Kathryn Dean-We Hit the Lights on a new pop singer taking music by storm.

Anna Deavere Smith-The actress, writer and professor pays tribute to some fascinating lives with her one-woman show Notes from the Field.

Cécile De France must survive High Tension in her horror debut.
Sam de Jong-Dutch director coronates a Prince with his acclaimed debut film.
Mark Deklin is a man amongst good Christian bitches in GCB.
Julie Delpy (2004 interview)-A conversation with the star and co-writer of Before Sunset.

Julie Delpy (2016 interview)-We check in on both sides of the camera with the French actress / writer / director about her comedy Lolo.
Guillermo del Toro-The fantastical filmmaker goes back to a childhood favorite in making Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.
Dem Franchize Boyz-The group behind the hit jam "I Think They Like Me" sound off.
Dame Judi Dench-One of the greatest actresses of our time chases another Oscar with Mrs. Henderson Presents.
Catherine Deneuve and Chiarra Mastrioanni-The mother-and-daughter actresses try something different with the Oscar-nominated animated film Persepolis.
Robert De Niro (2010 interview)-The Oscar-winning actor takes a small personal film with Everybody's Fine.
Robert De Niro (2014 interview)-The actor goes back to the old neighborhood to look at the 20th anniversary of his directorial debut A Bronx Tale.

Robert De Niro (2015 interview) and his co-workers take a look at the clash of old and new office skills in The Intern.

Kat Dennings takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.
Johnny Depp-the most esoteric superstar in the world takes on the children's classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Bruce Dern and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Laura Dern, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Krause & John Curran (2004 interview) on the film We Don't Live Here Anymore.
Laura Dern interview about 'Wilson'

Laura Dern (2017 interview)-The actress has fun playing with an anti-social oddball in Wilson.

Emily Deschanel-The good doc from the hit series Bones ponders nature vs. nurture.
Jenna Dewan (2006 interview)-The latest internet sweetheart shows off her versatility in Tamara.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum (2012 interview) tells us all about working again with her hubby (some dude named Channing) in 10 Years and almost nothing about what she'll be doing in the second season of American Horror Story.
Rosemarie DeWitt (2006 interview)-The career of the star of the series Standoff is breaking out.

Rosemarie DeWitt (2015 interview) searches for a dead body and marital bliss in Digging for Fire.

Leonardo DiCaprio (2004 Interview)-The superstar takes flight in The Aviator.
Leonardo DiCaprio (2007 Interview), Matt Damon, Martin Scorsese, Vera Farmiga and William Monahan on The Departed.
Leonardo DiCaprio (2009 Interview)-reunites with his Titanic sweetheart Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road.

Andy Dick-The eccentric comic actor steps behind the camera as Danny Roane: First-Time Director.

Bo Diddley-The blues legend on music, civil rights, the state of radio and making hamburgers in Europe.
Brian Dietzen-The latest series regular on NCIS mans the morgue.
dishwa1.gif (306110 bytes) Dishwalla-Guitarist Rodney Browning says there's a lot more to these rockers than "Counting Blue Cars."
Pete Docter-The celebrated Pixar writer/director finds his career keeps going Up.
Micky Dolenz-The once and future Monkee returns to New York for A Little Bit Broadway, A Little Bit Rock and Roll.
Aubrey Dollar  joins the Women's Murder Club in the popular TV series based on the best-selling novels.

Colin Donnel-The actor talks about a three-show crossover episode between Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med.

Vincent D'Onofrio (2009 Interview) returns to the New York City streets with another season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Vincent D'Onofrio (2011 Interview) returns for the final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Donovan-The recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee looks back at The Essential Donovan.
Jeffrey Donovan (2010 interview) plays the coolest ex-spy in steamy Miami in the hit cable series Burn Notice.
Jeffrey Donovan (2012 interview)-Miami's toughest spy is trapped south of the border as the latest season of Burn Notice concludes.

Jeffrey Donovan (2015 interview) and the cast of Fargo give us a look in at the second season, oh ya.

Michael Dorn-Everyone's favorite Klingon tries to start a potential new Star Trek series called Star Trek: Captain Worf.
Tony Dow-The artist formerly known as Wally on Leave it to Beaver takes up an new artform.
Robert Downey, Jr.-the acclaimed actor looks through A Scanner Darkly.
Jeremy Dozier tells us life with a Dirty Girl.
Hilary and Haylie Duff muse on living in a material world.
James Duff closes down another season of his popular series The Closer.

Patrick Duffy and his castmates give us the skinny on the reboot of the classic series Dallas.

Kirsten Dunst and the cast of Fargo give us a look in at the second season, oh ya.

James Durbin-An American Idol survivor Celebrates his latest release.
Sean Durkin-A first-time writer/director connects with a cult film about cults, Martha Marcy May Marlene.
Robert Duvall a Hollywood legend sits in on his own funeral in the film Get Low.
Jeff Dye-We get the stand-up comedian and host of MTV's Money From Strangers to Say Anything...
John Dyskstra-A special effects legend looks back on a 40-year career of creating dreams.
George Dzundza-the veteran character actor talks about his work on the TV series Hack and his career.
Steve Earle-The outlaw cowboy cult favorite discusses his duo album with folk singer Shawn Colvin.
Bo Eason-The former Houston Oiler looks back at a life on the gridiron in the hit Off-Broadway show Runt of the Litter.
Clint Eastwood-The legendary actor/director looks back at an forgotten Los Angeles scandal with Changeling.
Aaron Eckhart finds the soul (or lack thereof) in a tobacco lobbyist in the satire Thank You For Smoking.

Megalyn Echikunwoke-The young actress segues from the popular cult series The 4400 to a new role as coroner on CSI: Miami.

Joel Edgerton interview about 'Boy Erased.' Joel Edgerton steps behind the camera with the cutting-edge drama Boy Erased.
Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky get out the kinks in Hairspray.
Atom Egoyan tells us Where the Truth Lies in film direction.
Kerry Ehrin (2014 interview) brings new life to film history's most infamous mother and son in Bates Motel.

Kerry Ehrin (2016 interview) plans for the end as Bates Motel retreats from sanity.

Jesse Eisenberg (2009 Interview)-A respected young comic actor takes a chance at a quirky genre picture in Zombieland.
Jesse Eisenberg (2011 Interview)-We friend the young actor who plays the face of Facebook in The Social Network.

Chiwetel Ejiofor and the cast of 12 Years a Slave look back at a disgraceful time in American history.

Idris Elba (2011 interview) takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.
Idris Elba (2013 interview)-The acclaimed actor takes on his toughest role: Nelson Mandela.
Charles Eliasch-A young opera singer tells us about his Carnegie Hall debut.
Hector Elizondo-The long-time character actor joins a well-respected ensemble in Monk.
Linda Ellerbee-The best writer in TV news returns to the book stores.
Brooke Elliott helps to redefine beauty in the hip cable comedy/drama Drop Dead Diva.
Cary Elwes-The veteran actor defends The Citizen, a labor-of-love indie about the American dream. 
Emblem3 (2013 interview)-Takes the road to teen pop stardom with Nothing to Lose.
Emblem3 (2014 interview)-The popular boy group hits the road for their first headlining tour.

Emblem3 (2016 interview)-The three members of the popular boy group tell us all about getting back together after a year-long split.

Steve Emerson-A visual effects artist leaves the Hollywood grind for a slower life in Portlandia, and then he gets his Oscar nomination for Kubo and the Two Strings.

Nathan Englander-The novelist opens our eyes to The Ministry of Special Cases.
Dan Epstein-Takes a couple of looks back at the national pasttime in the funkiest decade with Big Hair & Plastic Grass and Stars & Strikes.

Kathryn Erbe returns to the New York City streets with another season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

etheri1.gif (32907 bytes) We caught rock & roll star Melissa Etheridge just as she reached superstardom!

Jackie Evancho and her cohorts look at the effects of 60s radicalism in the new millennium in The Company You Keep.

Evanescence-After five years out of recording, the band is back and rocking harder in their third, self-titled album.

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