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Kalin & Myles-The YouTube sensations release their debut full-length album.
Karmin chat with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.

Mat Kearney-The singer/songwriter avoids the sophomore jinx with his album City of Black & White.

Sam Keeley and the cast of Burnt tickle our taste buds with cooking tips and tales of making the film.

Catherine Keener and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.
Donnie Kehr interview about 'The Greatest Piano Men.'

Donnie Kehr (2018 interview) gives a personal history of music with his show "The Greatest Piano Men."

Josh Kelley takes responsibility for his own vision with a new record label and a new CD, Just Say the Word.

Kem-A smooth jazz master gets intimate with us.

Gil Kenan-The first-time director takes you to a Monster House.
Collins Key brings magic up-to-date for a whole new generation.
Nicole Kidman (2005 Interview)-The busiest woman in the movie biz looks at The Interpreter and Bewitched.
Nicole Kidman (2011 Interview)-The actress looks at a family in mourning in the devastating drama Rabbit Hole.
Cheyenne Kimball-A young singer releases her debut album and lives on MTV.
Jimmy Kimmel-The talk show host wants to shake up the format.
B.B. King-The legendary bluesman looks back while on his farewell tour.
Joey King-A child star takes on some adult roles with Wish I Was Here and Fargo.
Perry King-A Hollywood survivor balances acting with real life.
Stephen King and Frank Darabont-The master of horror fiction and the director behind arguably his greatest film adaptations reteam in The Mist.
Sir Ben Kingsley has to pick a new role or two with Oliver Twist and A Sound of Thunder.
Greg Kinnear-A Hollywood outsider stands up for the little guy in Flash of Genius.
Christopher Knight-A member of an iconic sitcom family puts his real life on screen in My Fair Brady.
Keira Knightley (2006 Interview) shows us two sides of herself in Pride and Prejudice and Domino.
Keira Knightley (2007 Interview) looks back in Atonement.
Keira Knightley (2012 Interview)-Finds love in the wrong time and place in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Johnny Knoxville and the cast of Elvis & Nixon dramatize a famous meeting of the minds.

Elias Koteas-The adventurous character actor takes a bite out of vampire lore in Let Me In.
John Krasinski-The actor shuts down the beloved TV workplace The Office.
krause1.gif (92386 bytes) Peter Krause (1999 Interview) and his co-horts in the cast of Sports Night prove that TV comedy doesn't have to be dumb.
Peter Krause (2004 Interview), Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern & John Curran on the film We Don't Live Here Anymore.
Chantal Kreviazuk-We speak with one of the rare respected singer / songwriters who is able to keep her career in perspective to what is really important in her life.
Lee Toland Krieger-A quirky indie director takes a shot at romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Candace Kroslak-The former model puts on her acting shoes with American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile.
Nick Lachey-The 98 Degrees crooner shares his experiences and skills with a cappella aspirants with his return as the host of the fourth season of The Sing-Off.

Jake Lacy and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Lady Gaga-A dance-rock diva pursues The Fame.


Jessica Lange-One of our greatest actresses reunites with her love in Don't Come Knocking.
Frank Langella-The acclaimed actor and Broadway actor brings his portrayal of a disgraced President to the big screen in Frost/Nixon.
Matt Lanter revisits a classic with WarGames-The Dead Code.
The Lashes-Seattle's new pop hope breaks out with Get It!
The Last Great Fight-a new book asks the question: Was the Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas fight the end of the road for boxing?
Mélanie Laurent-A French actress takes on American film with Beginners.
Hugh Laurie and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.
Jude Law-A movie star is up for one of theater's most prestigious awards.
Christopher Kennedy Lawford writes about his demons and his famous family.
Jennifer Lawrence-The young Oscar-nominated actress discusses her role in the gritty and devastating drama Winter's Bone.
Joey Lawrence-The former teen idol returns to sitcoms with Melissa & Joey.
Rachael Lawrence loves making I Hate My 30s.
Laurence Leboeuf hits the road to help create a dream project in Foreverland.
Katie Leclerc-A young actress tells us about living with a hearing impairment and her popular series Switched at Birth.
Heath Ledger becomes a star with the most talked-about role of 2005 in Brokeback Mountain.
Led Zeppelin-The rock and roll gods reunite (briefly) to share their personal farewell to their mentor, Celebration Day.
Ang Lee-The legendary director looks into dark corners in Chinese history in Lust, Passion.
Jason Lee tries on a whole new vibe in his return to series TV, Memphis Beat.
Spike Lee (2006 interview) chronicles the devastation of New Orleans in When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.
Spike Lee (2012 interview) returns to his Brooklyn and indie roots with Red Hook Summer.

John Leguizamo, Katherine Waterston and David Ross take a jaded look at suburbia in The Babysitters.

Reichen Lehmkuhl-This modern-day Renaissance Man reflects on his action-packed career and how he is working to change the future.

Jennifer Jason Leigh and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Harry Lennix explores the world of Shakespeare in H4 and stars in the new hit series The Blacklist.

Julian Lennon-Returns to the music world with Everything Changes, his first album in 15 years.
Melissa Leo-The veteran actress courts Oscar buzz with Frozen River.
Tea Leoni-The quirky comic actress sinks to new levels in Manure.
Thunder Levin-The cracked genius behind Sharknado tells us about the crazy life of B-Movie spoofs.
Barry Levinson-The veteran director behind Diner, Rain Man and Wag the Dog goes low tech to make a political, ecological point with The Bay.
Eugene Levy-Canada's funniest non-comedian offers up his career For Your Consideration.

Richard Lewis-The famously neurotic stand-up legend finally comes to terms with his life and his career -- kinda...

Olivia Lichtenstein interview about Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me

Olivia Lichtenstein-The British documentarian looks back at the late great soul man Teddy Pendergrass - If You Don't Know Me.

Lifehouse hush those one-hit wonder whispers with their smash single "You and Me."

Alan Light-A rock journalist follows the unique road of Leonard Cohen's musical standard "Hallelujah" in the book The Holy or the Broken.

Toby Lightman-The soulful young singer talks about her debut album Little Things and single "Devils and Angels."
Matthew Lillard-The hip actor steps behind the camera with Fat Kid Rules the World.

Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin throw an Oscar Hail Mary with Undefeated.

Mark Linfield-Take us on a jungle adventure with DisneyNature's Chimpanzee.

Laura Linney-The two-time Oscar nominated actress takes on horror in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
Lionel-Bringing humor and deep thought back to talk radio.

Robert T. Littell recalls his best friend, John F. Kennedy, Jr., in a new memoir.
Sharon Little-A Philadelphia singer/songwriter breaks out with Perfect Time for a Breakdown.
Little Big Town (2006 Interview)-A country foursome moves out of the "Boondocks."
Little Big Town (2007 Interview)-When we talked to them last year, they were taking a huge risk by going indie.  Now they've made it -- their way.

Warren Littlefield-The exec producer and his cast from Fargo give us a look in at the second season, oh ya.

Little Mix-The British girl group follows up their hit debut album with a snappy Salute.
Ron Livingston-The comic actor takes a walk on the dark side of life with the drama Holly.
Cher Lloyd chats with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.

Christopher Lloyd and cast get back in time and remember Back to the Future.

Lobo-We'd love you to want this 70s soft rock hitmaker.
Heather Locklear brings some new blood into Franklin & Bash.
Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina-A classic rock duo comes back together.
Lori Loughlin-Looks back at a world gone by in When Calls the Heart.
Patty Loveless-The country songbird goes back to her roots.

Rob Lowe braves facing the end of the world in You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Low Millions-Adam Cohen, son of legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen, introduces his new group.
Josh Lucas pays tribute to blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo in a new documentary.
Steve Lukather and his supergroup Toto of some of the biggest session men in 70s and 80s rock celebrate 35 years as a band.
Derek Luke (2006 Interview) takes on apartheid in Catch a Fire.
Derek Luke (2009 Interview)-The actor makes the leap from movies to TV on the ensemble drama Trauma.


Sidney Lumet-Sharing one of the final interviews with the ultimate film chronicler of New York life.
Lumidee-The Spanish Harlem-born reggae-rap artist makes sure her music is Unexpected.
Diego Luna-The Mexican actor steps behind the camera to tell the story of storied labor pioneer Cesar Chavez.
Melanie Lynskey-A favorite supporting actress takes the lead with Hello I Must Be Going.
Ben Lyons-The busy entertainment journalist applies old-fashioned family rules to excel in the digital age.
Tommy MacDonald-PBS's favorite woodworker gives us the Rough Cut on making furniture, whether your skill level is top of the line or IKEA.
Lewis MacDougall (2017 interview)-A young actor takes on a timeless role with A Monster Calls.
Lewis MacDougall interview about 'Boundaries.' Lewis MacDougall (2018 interview) and the cast and crew of Boundaries hit the road.
Kyle MacLachlan-The quirky actor sinks to new levels in Manure.
Elle Macpherson-The iconic supermodel shows us what it takes to be a Fashion Star.
Joe Maddalena-The king of show business memorabilia talks about our love of collecting and his popular reality series Hollywood Treasure.

Michael Madsen and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Joshua Malina (2003 Interview) chats about his career and being the new man on The West Wing.
Joshua Malina (2009 Interview) discusses the second season of the hit cable drama In Plain Sight.
Melissa Manchester looks back on forty years of recording with Playlist.

James Mangold-A director resurrects the Man in Black with Walk the Line.

The Manhattan Transfer celebrate 35 years in perfect harmony.
Joe Mantegna-The respected actor speaks about a career that has led him from Mamet to Joan of Arcadia.

Kate Mara and her co-horts in Fantastic Four take on a legendary comic book franchise.

Rooney Mara (2013 interview)-The buzzworthy Dragon Tattoo actress shows a different side with Ain't Them Bodies Saints.
Rooney Mara (2013 interview #2)-Takes a human look at artificial intelligence with Her.

Rooney Mara (2015 interview) and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Rooney Mara (2015 interview #2) and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Jake Marcionette-The youngest writer ever on the New York Times best-seller list returns with the third chapter of his Just Jake series - Camp Wild Survival.

Karl Markovics and his director Stefan Ruzowitsky take a look at a different side of the Holocaust in The Counterfeiters.

Craig Marks looks back at the crazy days when MTV-Music Television still played music with the oral history I Want My MTV: The Uncensored History of the Music Video Revolution.

Brit Marling and her cohorts look at the effects of 60s radicalism in the new millennium in The Company You Keep.

Neil Maron interview about 'Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert' Neil Maron-The theater impresario brings a musical classic back to life with Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert.
Garry Marshall and Doris Roberts-Two old comedy pros work at Keeping Up With the Steins.
Charlotte Martin-The singer/songwriter takes a walk On Your Shore.

Demetri Martin-A stand-up comedian gives the movies a try with Taking Woodstock.

Sir George Martin-The man behind the boards at Abbey Road with the Beatles reflects on a career of revolutionizing popular music.
James McAvoy (2007 interview) looks back in Atonement.

James McAvoy (2015 interview) and his co-conspirators bring a horror legend back to life with Victor Frankenstein.

Jack McBrayer-We get a tour of 30 Rock's final season from Kenneth, your NBC page.
Melissa McCarthy interview about 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' Melissa McCarthy-The comic actress shows a whole new side of her talents in Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Jesse McCartney (2008 interview)-The teen heartthrob grows up and gets funky with Departure.
Jesse McCartney interview about 'Better With You' Jesse McCartney (2018 interview)-The singer/songwriter-turned actor returns to music after a few years with the new single "Better With You."
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.-The sweet singing couple muse on love, music and one of the longest lasting unions in soul.
Eric McCormack (2012 interview) takes on a very different role to change our Perception.
Eric McCormack (2013 interview)-We have a meeting of the minds with the actor about the second season of Perception.
Mary McCormack (2008 interview) plays a tough Federale in the cable series In Plain Sight.
Mary McCormack (2011 interview) goes back into witness protection with the return of In Plain Sight.

Will McCormack-A character actor takes a shot at writing a romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Maureen McCormick-A former Brady sister has Gone Country.
Dylan McDermott-The former Practice lawyer goes undercover in Dark Blue.
Martin McDonagh-The controversial Irish playwright makes the jump to film with In Bruges.
Seamus McDonagh-He fought Evander Holyfield, now he takes on expectations.
Christopher McDonald-A consummate character actor returns to Broadway in the hit show Lucky Guy.
We take on Major Crimes with Mary McDonnell.
Malcolm McDowell finds a new twist on the world's oldest profession in Pound of Flesh.
Ewan McGregor (2007 Interview) courts a legendary children's novelist in Miss Potter.
Ewan McGregor (2011 Interview)-The actor reinvents himself yet again in the quirky comedy/drama Beginners.

Paul McGuigan and his co-conspirators bring a horror legend back to life with Victor Frankenstein.

Joel McHale (2012 interview) goes back for another semester in Community.

Joel McHale (2014 interview)-Returns to Greendale and sets about to re-piloting Community while getting a bit closer to six seasons and a movie.

Katharine McPhee follows up the most watched TV series in the world with a hit debut album and single "Over It." 
Melanie-Look what they've done to her songs, ma.
Rue Melo-The multilingual singer inspires us to "Check It."
Eva Mendes-The stunning actress gives us the down low on her downbeat new drama The Place Beyond the Pines.
Bridgit Mendler chats with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.
Debra Messing returns to series television with The Starter Wife.

Jesse Metcalfe (2012 interview) and his castmates give us the skinny on the reboot of the classic series Dallas.


Method Man-The Wu Tang Clan rapper gets high on acting in The Wackness.
Breckin Meyer (2008 interview)-The comic actor finds love and laughs in a Blue State.
Breckin Meyer (2011 interview) has a little fun with the legal profession in Franklin and Bash.

Nancy Meyers and her co-workers take a look at the clash of old and new office skills in The Intern.

Ingrid Michaelson-The singer/songwriter finds new avenues to making her CD Girls and Boys a smash hit.

Cristin Milioti and the cast of Fargo give us a look in at the second season, oh ya.

Milky Chance-We steal a dance with the Sadnecessary band behind the hit single "Stolen Dance."

Eric Millegan-The fan favorite tells us about going back for the final season of the long-running procedural Bones.

Jake Miller-The hip-hop sensation is Dazed and Confused by all the Rumors.

Levi Miller and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Sienna Miller (2005 Interview)- The British actress segues from the gossip columns back to the cinema -- where she belongs -- in Casanova.
Sienna Miller (2009 Interview) balances stage and screen and tries to solve The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Sienna Miller (2015 interview) and the cast of Burnt tickle our taste buds with cooking tips and tales of making the film.

Joe Minoso-The actor talks about a three-show crossover episode between Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med.
Mint Condition-The veteran R&B group is back and Livin' the Luxury Brown.

Helen Mirren-Acting royalty plays The Queen.

Dino Misetic-An illuminating portrait of an artist as a young man.
Mix Master Mike-He's the fourth Beastie Boy and he gives us the down low on the fine art of DJing.
MKTO (March 2014 interview)-Two best friends put together some "Classic" sounds to assault the pop charts.

MKTO (June 2014 interview)-Tony Oller checks back in with us to discuss living his "American Dream."

Matthew Modine-The acclaimed actor goes full-metal digital with a new app and a stellar movie lineup including The Dark Knight Rises.


Gretchen Mol channels a pin-up Goddess as The Notorious Bettie Page.
Eddie Money-A new tour and a hysterical Geico commercial have given the classic rocker two tickets to paradise.
Julianne Moore-The celebrated actress takes a look at the new American family in The Kids Are All Right.
Michael Moore-America's greatest documentary agitator takes on the HMOs in SiCKO.

Trevor Moran rides the YouTube express to stardom with O2L.

Kathryn Morris-The Cold Case star has a red-hot career.

David Morse learns what it's like to be one of the Outsiders in the popular WGN series.

Viggo Mortensen (2007 Interview) patrols the hard streets of the former Soviet Union in Eastern Promises.
Viggo Mortensen (2009 Interview)-Takes a tragic look back at the Holocaust in Good.

Viggo Mortensen (2017 interview)-The actor looks back and gets another Oscar nom for Captain Fantastic.

Anson Mount revisits the old West and the building of the railroads in the acclaimed series Hell on Wheels.
Nico Muhly-The classical musician is turning heads like Philip Glass and Björk.
Carey Mulligan-A young British actress courts praise in An Education.
Dermot Mulroney is honored for a life in independent film.
Dermot Mulroney (2012 interview)-One of the busiest men in Hollywood exposes a tragic condition in Asia in Trade of Innocents.

Dermot Mulroney (2016 interview)-The Pure Genius star rocks out with his musical side project Cranky George.

Vik Muniz-The acclaimed Brazilian artist talks to us about Waste Land, the Oscar-nominated documentary on his life.

Erin Murphy - She was one of the most beloved characters on TV when she was barely out of a onesie.  How do you follow that up, Tabitha?

Anne Murray-a legendary songbird discusses her career and her CD Duets: Friends and Legends.
Olly Murs chats with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.
Musiq Soulchild-The neo-soul singer hopes that you're still Lovanmusiq.
Mutlu-Bringing a new sound to Philly blue-eyed soul.

Phyllis Nagy and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Kathy Najimy-Actress, mom, activist; it's all part of life for the voice of Peggy on King of the Hill.
The Naked Cowboy-a Times Square fixture watches the world go past.
Anna Nalick-On the eve of her debut CD release she discusses Wreck of the Day.
Graham Nash-The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer.songwriter tells us some Wild Tales.
Liam Neeson (2004 interview)-The acclaimed actor discusses his role starring as sex researcher Alfred Kinsey.

Liam Neeson (2016 interview)-The acclaimed actor becomes a 40-foot-tall bog monster in A Monster Calls.

Bebe Neuwirth-The Broadway baby and Cheers icon releases her first CD Porcelain.
New York Metro Vocal Arts Ensemble-bringing opera to the masses.
Andrew Niccol-The writer/director behind The Truman Show and Simone has a new vision in Lord of War.
Thomas Ian Nicholas interview about Wizard World, American Pie and Rookie of the Year Thomas Ian Nicholas-The American Pie and Rookie of the Year star hits the road for Wizard World conventions.
Marisol Nichols (2007 interview) has one hell of a day as the head of CTU on the popular action series 24.
Marisol Nichols interview about 'Riverdale.' Marisol Nichols (2017 interview) plays Veronica's glam mom in the whole new Archie series Riverdale.
Rachel Nichols (2011 interview)-Joins up the hit series to explore some Criminal Minds.
Rachel Nichols (2012 interview) chats up her favorite retro and her upcoming series Continuum and movie I, Alex Cross.
Lesley Nicol-Gives us a tour of the servants' quarters at Downton Abbey.
Matt Nix-A look at the man behind the scenes at Burn Notice.
Amaury Nolasco-The Prison Break star has broken into the ranks of Hollywood buzz actors.
noone2.gif (79155 bytes) No One-A look at a new metal group that is taking the music world by storm.
Edward Norton creates a labor of love with his movie version of W. Somerset Maugham's classic book The Painted Veil.

Lupita Nyong'o and the cast of 12 Years a Slave look back at a disgraceful time in American history.

Dylan O'Brien-A YouTube phenom takes Hollywood by storm with The First Time and Teen Wolf.

Chris O'Dowd helps to reinvigorate the romantic comedy with the sweet film Juliet, Naked.

Adepero Oduye-A young actress finds acceptance by playing a Pariah.

Nick Offerman and the cast of Parks and Recreation talk to us from the red carpet.

Gail O'Grady-From NYPD Blue to American Dreams to Boston Legal, the actress looks over a respected, varied TV career.

John O'Hurley (2013 interview)-The sitcom icon (Mr Peterman!) throws us a bone about being the co-host of the National Dog Show.

John O'Hurley (2016 interview)-The man with the world's smoothest voice is back doing the National Dog Show.



Susan Olsen-Looks back at the odd pop-cultural hiccup which was The Brady Bunch Variety Hour in the book Love to Love You Bradys.
Omarion-A former boy band star grows up and take over his own music with Ollusion.
OneRepublic (2008 interview) -It's not too late for the band behind "Apologize," one of the biggest hits of 2007.
OneRepublic (2012 interview) chat with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.
wpe98178.gif (111335 bytes) Gregg Oppenheimer's new book helps to explain why we still love Lucy.
Orianthi-The Australian guitar prodigy takes the US by storm with her hit single "According to You" and debut CD Believe.
Hayley Orriantia interview about 'Strong, Sweet & Southern' Tour and 'The Goldbergs.' Hayley Orriantia-The Goldbergs daughter hits the road to share her music with the Strong, Sweet & Southern Tour.
Stacie Orrico-After a short break to live her life, she returns to music and has a Beautiful Awakening.
Anders Østergaard-A documentary director strives for Oscar gold with Burma VJ.
Our Lady Peace-Helping us to stay Healthy in Paranoid Times.
David Oyelowo (2012 interview)-An British/African actor breaks out in America with 96 Minutes and Red Tails.

David Oyelowo (2017 interview)-The Oscar-nominated actor tells us about going from Selma to A United Kingdom.

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