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They don't get as much face time as the actors, but the movie and TV biz would be nowhere without directors, screenwriters and other hard workers behind the scenes.  We talk to some of the people in the shadows of some of your favorite films and TV shows.

Hany Abu-Assad (2006 interview)-The Palestinian director takes a controversial look at suicide bombers in Paradise Now.
Hany Abu-Assad (2014 interview) returns to the Oscar Red Carpet with the Best Foreign Language Film nominee Omar.
Woody Allen-Goes home to New York for his latest film, Whatever Works.

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John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky-Taking us for a look behind the scenes of King of the Hill.
Paul Thomas Anderson and his stars Daniel Day-Lewis,  Paul Dano and Ciaran Hinds warn us that There Will Be Blood.
Wes Anderson-The quirky film auteur gets animated with Roald Dahl's The Fabulous Mr. Fox.
Michael Apted-The respected director of the Up series of documentaries looks at British history with the film Amazing Grace.
Darren Aronofsky-The quirky director continues exploring the deep, dark corners of talent and fame in The Black Swan.
Kelly Asbury-The animated director takes a different look at Shakespeare with Gnomeo & Juliet.
John G. Avildsen-The director looks back at the creation of a cinematic champion, the original classic Rocky.

Richard Ayoade submerses himself in the past in the film version of Submarine.

Sam Barlow-A pioneer talks about merging video gaming and film to create a brand new art form.

Alon Benari- A pioneer talks about merging video gaming and film to create a brand new art form.

Pablo Berger-A Spanish director gives the old classic fairytale Snow White an exotic twist with Blancanieves.
Michael Biehn (2012 interview)-An actor tries writing and directing with the grindhouse feature The Victim.
Dustin Lance Black-the screenwriter gets an all-star cast and great director to make the labor of love Milk to remind us of an important but mostly forgotten slain politician and activist.
Neill Blomkamp-A South African director takes a hard look at our future in the sci-fi drama District 9.
Anna Boden-Takes a serious look (kind of...) at mental health in It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Eric Bogosian-Actor, writer and concert performer discusses his career and the rise of the talkers.
Darren Lynn Bousman-A horror filmmaker takes a look at the more spiritual side of thrills with 11-11-11.
Warren Boyd-A producer fights addiction with the popular series The Cleaner.
Danny Boyle (2007 interview)-The renegade British director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later takes another look at the future in Sunshine.
Danny Boyle (2008 interview)-The director shoots for Oscar gold with Slumdog Millionaire.
Albert Brooks-Trying to bridge the cultural gap in Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World.
Julie Brown-The Homecoming Queen has an SUV now.

James Burrows-The legendary sitcom director behind The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Taxi, Cheers, Friends, Will & Grace and many more is honored with Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows.

Tim Burton-Hollywood's most twisted visionary tells us about his Corpse Bride.
Guillaume Canet returns to the mean streets of 1970 New York in the crime drama Blood Ties.
Laurent Cantet-A French Director opens eyes on education with the Oscar-nominated film The Class.

Leos Carax-A French director takes a look at Tokyo!
Steve Carell-This cult-favorite comedian finally nails it with his screenplay and starring role in The 40 Year-Old Virgin.
Robert Carlock-We get a tour of 30 Rock's final season from the show's exec producer and Kenneth, your NBC page.

Alex Cary exercises his particular set of skills in the television version of Taken.

Nick Cave-The singer/songwriter/actor/ novelist tries his hand at a screenplay with The Proposition.
Lisa Cholodenko-Shows a different side of family values with The Kids Are All Right.
George Clooney (2005 interview) and his castmates wish us Good Night, and Good Luck.
George Clooney (2011 interview)-A superstar tops off a good year with The Descendants and The Ides of March.
Joel and Ethan Coen (2009 interview) -The maverick filmmaking brothers look back at the world of their childhood in A Serious Man.
Joel and Ethan Coen (2013 interview) -The acclaimed filmmaking brothers take on the Greenwich Village folk scene in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Jaume Collet-Serra-The director takes a dip in infested waters with the Blake Lively shark thriller The Shadows.

Ryan Coogler and the cast and crew of Creed return to the Art Museum steps to take a jab at rebooting a classic franchise.

Allen Coulter-The director takes a look back at a legendary show biz mystery in Hollywoodland.
Allen Covert-Adam Sandler's long-time collaborator steps out front with Grandma's Boy.
Gabriela Cowperthwaite shines a light on the inner workings of SeaWorld in the acclaimed documentary Blackfish.
Caprice Crane (2009 Interview)-The novelist / screenwriter talks about her new novel and her rebooting of 90210 and Melrose Place.
Wes Craven-The legendary horror film creator tells all about his career and his latest film, The Hills Have Eyes 2.
David Cronenberg the acclaimed Canadian film director has A History of Violence.
Alfonso Cuaron-A writer/director tells us about life in space in Gravity.
John Curran on the film We Don't Live Here Anymore with Mark Ruffalo, Peter Krause and Laura Dern.
Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman-Earn an Oscar nom for their look at a controversial protest group with If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.
Richard Curtis-The king of romantic comedies looks back at his first love with Pirate Radio.
Simon Curtis-The acclaimed director looks back at a tragic historic case in The Woman in Gold.

Carlton Cuse-The producer keeps an eye on the crazy goings on at Bates Motel.

Greg Daniels-The creator shuts down the beloved TV workplace The Office.
Paul Dano interview about 'Wildlife' Paul Dano-The cult favorite actor steps behind the camera for the acclaimed drama Wildlife.
Luke Davies-An Australian novelist and poet gets an Oscar nomination for the feel-good script of Lion.
Sam de Jong-Dutch director coronates a Prince with his acclaimed debut film.
Julie Delpy (2004 interview)-A conversation with the star and co-writer of Before Sunset.

Julie Delpy (2016 interview)-We check in on both sides of the camera with the French actress / writer / director about her comedy Lolo.
Guillermo del Toro-The fantastical filmmaker goes back to a childhood favorite in making Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.
Robert De Niro (2014 interview)-The actor goes back to the old neighborhood to look at the 20th anniversary of his directorial debut A Bronx Tale.
Andy Dick-The eccentric comic actor steps behind the camera as Danny Roane: First-Time Director.
Pete Docter-The celebrated Pixar writer/director finds his career keeps going Up.
James Duff closes down another season of his popular series The Closer.
Sean Durkin-A first-time writer/director connects with a cult film about cults, Martha Marcy May Marlene.
Robert Duvall a Hollywood legend sits in on his own funeral in the film Get Low.
John Dyskstra-A special effects legend looks back on a 40-year career of creating dreams.
Bo Eason-The former Houston Oiler looks back at a life on the gridiron in the hit Off-Broadway show Runt of the Litter.
Clint Eastwood-The legendary actor/director looks back at a forgotten Los Angeles scandal with Changeling.
Atom Egoyan tells us Where the Truth Lies in film direction.
Kerry Ehrin (2014 interview) brings new life to film history's most infamous mother and son in Bates Motel.

Kerry Ehrin (2016 interview) plans for the end as Bates Motel retreats from sanity.

Steve Emerson-A visual effects artist leaves the Hollywood grind for a slower life in Portlandia, and then he gets his Oscar nomination for Kubo and the Two Strings.

Asghar Farhadi-An Iranian filmmaker gets Oscar love for A Separation.
Julian Farino and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.
Shana Feste interview about 'Boundaries.' Shana Feste and the cast of Boundaries hit the road.
Ralph Fiennes-The acclaimed actor steps behind the camera to tell the forgotten true story of The Invisible Woman.
Ryan Fleck takes a serious look (kind of...) at mental health in It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Ari Folman-The Israeli director takes a difficult look back at an atrocity from his past in the Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir.
Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield-Take us on a jungle adventure with DisneyNature's Chimpanzee.

Jason Fuchs and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Peter Funt-Smile! He's talking about Candid Camera.
Neil Gaiman-The graphic novelist takes on the big screen with the adaptation of his epic Stardust.

Bob Gale and cast get back in time and remember Back to the Future.

Alex Gibney (2007 Interview)-A documentary filmmaker takes a scathing look at torture in modern warfare with Taxi to the Dark Side.

Alex Gibney (2008 Interview)-The documentarian follows up his Oscar-winning Taxi with a gonzo look at Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
Evan Glodell-A DIY film actor and director catches a buzz with Bellflower.

Adam F. Goldberg-The writer/producer looks back at his 80s wonder years growing up in Jenkintown, PA in the hit TV series The Goldbergs.

Michel Gondry-A French director takes a look at Tokyo!
Steph Green-A short film director gets her shot at the big time with the Oscar-nominated "New Boy."
Paul Greengrass-The respected British director turns a sympathetic eye on one of the most tragic days in history with United 93.
Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Harry Shearer and Parker Posey take on the movies For Your Consideration!
Christopher Hampton-the adaptation specialist gets an Oscar Nomination for his work on Atonement.
Michael Haneke-The acclaimed director discusses the tragic events which inspired his devastating Oscar-nominated film Amour.
Glen Hansard and John Carney reinvent the musical with Once.

Curtis Hanson-The acclaimed director throws us another change up with In Her Shoes.
Dan Harmon-The creator of the cult favorite sitcom Community looks forward to a new semester.

Todd Haynes and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Michel Hazanavicius-The French director revives the silent film with the surprise Oscar fave The Artist.
Bill Holderman Bill Holderman works with Hollywood royalty as the co-writer/director of the hit film Book Club.

Iain Hollands braves facing the end of the world in You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Tom Hooper and his cast bring the classic Broadway musical Les Misérables to the big screen.

Armando Ianucci-Finds the humor in the war in Iraq with the hysterical British import In the Loop.
Luc Jacquet-The French director introduces us to 30,000 friends in March of the Penguins.
Famke Janssen-The actress moves behind the camera and gives us the lowdown on Bringing Up Bobby.

Director Liza Johnson and the cast of Elvis & Nixon dramatize a famous meeting of the minds.

Spike Jonze-Takes a human look at artificial intelligence with Her.
Rashida Jones (2012 interview) takes a shot at writing a romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Gil Kenan-The first-time director takes you to a Monster House.
Nicole Kidman (2011 Interview)-The actress produces a look at a family in mourning in the devastating drama Rabbit Hole.

Stephen King and Frank Darabont-The master of horror fiction and the director behind arguably his greatest film adaptations reteam in The Mist.
Lee Toland Krieger-A quirky indie director takes a shot at romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Rachael Lawrence loves making I Hate My 30s.
Ang Lee-The legendary director looks into dark corners in Chinese history in Lust, Passion.
Spike Lee (2006 interview) chronicles the devastation of New Orleans in When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.
Spike Lee (2012 interview) returns to his Brooklyn and indie roots with Red Hook Summer.
Thunder Levin-The cracked genius behind Sharknado tells us about the crazy life of B-Movie spoofs.
Barry Levinson-The veteran director behind Diner, Rain Man and Wag the Dog goes low tech to make a political, ecological point with The Bay.

Olivia Lichtenstein interview about Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me

Olivia Lichtenstein-The British documentarian looks back at the late great soul man Teddy Pendergrass - If You Don't Know Me.
Matthew Lillard-The hip actor steps behind the camera with Fat Kid Rules the World.

Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin throw an Oscar Hail Mary with Undefeated.

Warren Littlefield-The exec producer and his cast from Fargo give us a look in at the second season, oh ya.

Sidney Lumet-Sharing one of the final interviews with the ultimate film chronicler of New York life.
Diego Luna-The Mexican actor steps behind the camera to tell the story of storied labor pioneer Cesar Chavez.
Ben Lyons-The busy entertainment journalist applies old-fashioned family rules to excel in the digital age.
Elle Macpherson-The iconic supermodel shows us what it takes to be a Fashion Star.

James Mangold-A director resurrects the Man in Black with Walk the Line.

Will McCormack-A character actor takes a shot at writing a romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Martin McDonagh-The controversial Irish playwright makes the jump to film with In Bruges.
Douglas McGrath does his own take on Capote with Infamous with Sandra Bullock, Toby Jones and Sigourney Weaver.

Paul McGuigan and his co-conspirators bring a horror legend back to life with Victor Frankenstein.

Nancy Meyers and her co-workers take a look at the clash of old and new office skills in The Intern.

Michael Moore-America's greatest documentary agitator takes on the HMOs in SiCKO.

Phyllis Nagy and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Andrew Niccol-The writer/director behind The Truman Show and Simone has a new vision in Lord of War.

Matt Nix-A look at the man behind the scenes at Burn Notice.
Chris Noonan, Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson on Miss Potter.
wpe98178.gif (111335 bytes) Gregg Oppenheimer's new book helps to explain why we still love Lucy.
Anders Østergaard-A documentary director strives for Oscar gold with Burma VJ.
Alexander Payne-a discussion with the man behind the camera on Sideways.

Raoul Peck-The documentary director takes an Oscar-nominated look at author James Baldwin with I Am Not Your Negro.

Richard Price (2004 Interview)-A talk with the celebrated novelist and screenwriter about his career and his book Samaritan.
Richard Price (2008 Interview)-The bard of the New York streets returns with a double shot - the new novel Lush Life and the final season of The Wire.
rafkin1.gif (81320 bytes) Alan Rafkin-The late King of Nick at Nite talked of helming almost every show ever - from Capt. Kangaroo to Veronica's Closet.
Jim Rash-The gender bending dean on the cult comedy Community won an Oscar - who'd've thunk?
Ray Romano returns to television as one of the Men of a Certain Age.
George A. Romero-The director who has made a specialty of saving us from the living dead goes back to his indie film roots.
David Ross and his stars John Leguizamo and Katherine Waterston take a jaded look at suburbia in The Babysitters.
Stefan Ruzowitsky and his star Karl Markovics take a look at a different side of the Holocaust in The Counterfeiters.

Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island band mates take on the big screen with Popstar - Never Stop Never Stopping.

Marjane Satrapi-The Iranian born French graphic novelist-turned-filmmaker returns with her second movie, Chicken With Plums.

Akiva Schaffer and his Lonely Island band mates take on the big screen with Popstar - Never Stop Never Stopping.

Fred Schepisi-Films the unfilmable novel with The Eye of the Storm.
Julian Schnabel-The artist-turned-director gets an Oscar nom for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
Paul Schrader-The screenwriter looks back at the iconic film Taxi Driver thirty-five years later.
Liev Schreiber-The actor tries writing and directing with Everything Is Illuminated.
Lloyd J. Schwartz-Looks back at life behind the scenes at one of the classic sitcoms in his memoir Brady, Brady, Brady.
Martin Scorsese (2007 interview), Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Vera Farmiga and William Monahan on The Departed.
Martin Scorcese (2012 interview)-The director looks back at the iconic film Taxi Driver thirty-five years later.

Ridley Scott-The legendary director blasts back into space with the crowd-favorite The Martian.

Tony Scott-One of Hollywood's busiest directors takes on a classic in the new version of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.
M. Night Shyamalan-The suspense director discovers The Happening.
Erin Simms

Erin Simms works with Hollywood royalty as the co-writer/producer of the hit film Book Club.

Gary Sinise-The celebrated actor turns executive producer to help deliver a special documentary called Brothers at War.
Bryan Singer-A director takes a different look at World War II in Valkyrie.
Courtney Solomon, Donald Sutherland, Rachel Hurd-Wood, James D'Arcy and  survive An American Haunting.

James Solomon-A filmmaker spends a decade making The Witness, an documentary exploration of the infamous Kitty Genovese murder.

Morgan Spurlock-The Super Size Me documentary filmmaker starts the second season of his CNN series Inside Man.

Ben Stiller submerses himself in producing the film version of Submarine.

Whit Stillman returns to active duty and cleans up college in the quirky comedy Damsels in Distress.

Gina Strachan-The Emmy-winning television producer and granddaughter of legendary Olympian Jesse Owens discusses the Owens bio-drama Race.

Tami Stronach interview about 'The Neverending Story' and Paper Canoe Company Tami Stronach-The Childlike Empress from the cult favorite film The Neverending Story returns to family entertainment with Paper Canoe Company.
D.B. Sweeney-The actor steps behind the camera with Two Tickets to Paradise.

Jorma Taccone and his Lonely Island band mates take on the big screen with Popstar - Never Stop Never Stopping.

Quentin Tarantino and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Charlize Theron tries producing and takes a hard look at real life in Sleepwalking.
Fernando Trueba illustrates the history of jazz with the Oscar-nominated Chico & Rita.
John Turturro-Takes a layered, multi-cultural look at modern New York with Fading Gigolo.
Lee Unkrich-Helps us relive our childhood while closing out the Toy Story saga.
Gus Van Sant and the cast of Milk make a labor of love to remind us of an important but mostly forgotten slain politician and activist.
Stephen Walker-A documentary filmmaker looks at aging and comes away feeling Young@Heart.
John Walter-The documentary filmmaker looks at the link between theater and war through the eyes of Bertold Brecht and Meryl Streep.
Chris Weitz-A big time director visits LA's ignored neighborhoods in A Better Life.
Hugh Welchman Hugh Welchman-Paints a masterpiece with the Oscar-nominated film Loving Vincent.
Jennifer Westfeldt-The writer, director and star lets us in on some secrets about Friends with Kids.
Wayne White-The cracked genius artist behind Pee Wee's Playhouse shows us that Beauty is Embarrasing.

Irwin Winkler and the cast and crew of Creed return to the Art Museum steps to take a jab at rebooting a classic franchise.

Dick Wolf returns for the final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Edgar Wright-The funny Brits behind Shaun of the Dead are back in Hot Fuzz.

Joe Wright and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Anthony E. Zuiker-The mind behind CSI looks to reinvent the reading experience with Dark Prophecy.

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