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Fabian-The former teen idol and Golden Boy of Bandstand is turned loose on a new millennium.
Peter Falk reflects on his career and The Thing About My Folks.

Fall Out Boy take it to the streets with their Monumentour.
Dakota Fanning-She isn't the only child actress in Hollywood, it just seems that way sometimes.
Asghar Farhadi-An Iranian filmmaker gets Oscar love for A Separation.
Julian Farino and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.
Anna Faris-The comic actress takes charge in The House Bunny.
Vera Farmiga (2009 interview), Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and William Monahan on The Departed.
Vera Farmiga (2014 interview) brings new life to film history's most infamous mother in Bates Motel.
Vera Farmiga (2018 interview) about 'Boundaries.' Vera Farmiga (2018 interview) and the cast and crew of Boundaries hit the road.

Colin Farrell and Clémence Poésy deal with love and death In Bruges.

Michael Fassbender and the cast of 12 Years a Slave look back at a disgraceful time in American history.

Fastball -Band leader Miles Zuniga tells us about getting back into the studio and back on the road.

Nat Faxon and the crew of The Way, Way Back come of age at a water park.

Tom Felton-He spent his formative years as Harry Potter's archrival, now he looks at life after Hogwarts.

Joshua Ferris-An author takes a look at life behind the cubicle in Then We Came to the End.
Shana Feste interview about 'Boundaries.' Shana Feste and the cast of Boundaries hit the road.
Mark Feuerstein-The actor takes on the Hamptons as the doctor for the rich in Royal Pains.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler-The SNL vets team up to become a Baby Mama.
Ralph Fiennes-The acclaimed actor steps behind the camera to tell the forgotten true story of The Invisible Woman.
Finger Eleven-The Canadian rockers become our "Paralyzer" and we think we've been struck by them.
Colin Firth talks with us about The King's Speech and he doesn't stammer once.
Taylor Firth-Vaults from the figure skating rink into acting with Ice Castles.
Danielle Fishel-The former Boy Meets World starlet explores a new dimension in Gamebox 1.0.
The 5 Browns-Bringing a new generation into the classical music world with No Boundaries.
Five For Fighting - Lead singer John Ondrasik talks about his band and the hits "Superman (It's Not Easy)" and "100 Years."
Ryan Fleck-Takes a serious look (kind of...) at mental health in It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Flickerstick leader Brandin Lea discusses life on the road and life on TV.
Florida Georgia Line-The young country group are gonna "Cruise" to the big time.
Dan Fogler and George Lopez grab comedy by the Balls of Fury.
Ari Folman-The Israeli director takes a difficult look back at an atrocity from his past in the Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir.
Peter Fonda interview about 'Boundaries.' Peter Fonda and the cast and crew of Boundaries hit the road.
Alastair Fothergill-Takes us on a jungle adventure with DisneyNature's Chimpanzee.
Fountains of Wayne-New Jersey's great pop rock hope opens up about making the leap from cult fave to hit band.

Michael J. Fox and cast get back in time and remember Back to the Future.

Jamie Foxx plays a living legend in Ray. Now he may become one himself.
James Franco takes a wild ride on the Pineapple Express.
Joe Franklin-We look back with the pioneering broadcaster who created the TV talk show.
Brendan Fraser-The actor tells us about acting in three dimensions in Journey to the Center of the Earth.
James Frecheville interview about Black '47 James Frecheville-The Australian actor goes  back in time with the historical action film Black '47.
David Frei (2013 interview) throws us a bone about being the co-host of the National Dog Show.

David Frei (2016 interview) is back putting on the dog with the National Dog Show.

Stephen Fried-Twenty years after the death of supermodel Gia, her biographer looks back at her place in history.
Nick Frost (2007 interview)-The funny Brit behind Shaun of the Dead is back in Hot Fuzz.
Nick Frost (2011 interview)-Returns to his genre parody roots with the alien comedy Paul.
Nick Frost (2013 interview)-We hoist a few pints with the star of The World's End.

Jason Fuchs and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Peter Funt-Smile! He's talking about Candid Camera.
Neil Gaiman-The graphic novelist takes on the big screen with the adaptation of his epic Stardust.

Megan Gaiser-bringing computer gaming to girls with the incredibly popular Nancy Drew series.

Bob Gale and cast get back in time and remember Back to the Future.

Zach Galifianakis-Takes a serious look (kind of...) at mental health in It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Ginny Gardner-Becomes our favorite catfish on Glee.
Jennifer Garner-The popular actress takes a chance on the quirky Ricky Gervais comedy The Invention of Lying.
Jennie Garth-The 90210 actress takes another path to the country with her web series "Garden Party."

Brad Garrett-The comic actor looks at romance in two different genres.

G. Garvin-We grill the TV chef about his Cooking Channel series On the Road with G. Garvin.

Teddy Geiger-The new teen heartthrob debuts with the album Underaged Thinking and the TV series Love Monkey.
Sarah Michelle Gellar promises us that she doesn't hold a Grudge.
Richard Gere turns down the razzle-dazzle to star in the spiritual family drama Bee Season.
Greta Gerwig cleans up college in the quirky comedy Damsels in Distress.
Paul Giamatti-surveys the breadth of a complicated life with Barney's Version.

Alex Gibney (2007 Interview)-A documentary filmmaker takes a scathing look at torture in modern warfare with Taxi to the Dark Side.

Alex Gibney (2008 Interview)-The documentarian follows up his Oscar-winning Taxi with a gonzo look at Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
gibson1.gif (44289 bytes) Debbie Gibson isn't just mama's little girl anymore.
Girl in a Coma-A rocking Mexican-American girl group crosses musical borders with Trio B.C.
Brendan Gleeson plays the world's most obnoxious policeman in The Guard.
Evan Glodell-A DIY film actor and director catches a buzz with Bellflower.

Walton Goggins and posse put a new shade on the classic western with The Hateful Eight.

Judy Gold-The comedienne lives her life as a sitcom in the off Broadway one-woman hit The Judy Show.

Adam F. Goldberg-The writer/producer looks back at his 80s wonder years growing up in Jenkintown, PA in the hit TV series The Goldbergs.

Jeff Goldblum-The well-liked actor survives a death rumor and takes the reins of the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Julie Gonzalo and her Dallas castmates have a big pair of cowboy boots to fill in the second season.
John Goodman -Takes on the Greenwich Village folk scene in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Goo Goo Dolls-Enter their fourth decade in music by thinking outside the Boxes.

Zachary Gordon-Clues us in to the Dog Days of being the star of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films.

Lesley Gore-One of the first teen pop heartthrobs comes out as a grown woman.
Ryan Gosling (2008 interview) falls for a real doll in Lars and the Real Girl.
Ryan Gosling (2013 interview)-Takes a devastating look at fathers and sons in The Place Beyond the Pines.
Mark-Paul Gosselaar has a little fun with the legal profession in Franklin and Bash.
Charlie Gracie-A rock and roll survivor looks back at fifty years of being fabulous.
Hugh Grant-The British superstar plays somewhat familiar, snarky reality show host in American Dreamz.

Linda Gray and her castmates give us the skinny on the reboot of the classic series Dallas.
Macy Gray-A true R&B original returns with a great new CD, Big.
Steph Green-A short film director gets her shot at the big time with the Oscar-nominated "New Boy."
Melissa Greene-In the mid 1970s, she was poised to become a TV star and walked away.  Find out what came next.
Paul Greengrass-The respected British director turns a sympathetic eye on one of the most tragic days in history with United 93.
Joel Gretsch-Takes on the visitors in a remake of 1980s cult series V.

Nash Grier-A social media phenom takes a swing at film acting with The Outfield.

Michael Joseph Gross explores our fascination with the cult of celebrity.
Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Harry Shearer and Parker Posey take on the movies For Your Consideration!

Jake Gyllenhaal knocks down the walls with his new film Demolition.

Maggie Gyllenhaal returns to films after a two-year sabbatical to play an acclaimed role in Crazy Heart.
Kathryn Hahn-The Crossing Jordan co-star discusses her series, the movies and motherhood.

Lucy Hale and her Pretty Little Liars girlfriends come to New York to preview the next season.

Anthony Michael Hall-The former Brat Pack star says goodbye to The Dead Zone and joins The Dark Knight.
Daryl Hall-The legendary rock and soul singer takes on a new medium - the internet - with "Live from Daryl's House."
Michael C. Hall-Cable TV's favorite serial killer takes a role in the ensemble movie Peep World.

George Hamilton-The best-tanned actor and reality TV dancing star in Hollywood has written his memoirs.
Christopher Hampton-the adaptation specialist gets an Oscar Nomination for Atonement.
Herbie Hancock-The legendary jazz pianist goes off in new Directions in Music.

Chelsea Handler-The stand-up-turned-author gives us a tour of her Horizontal Life.
Michael Haneke-The acclaimed director discusses the tragic events which inspired his devastating Oscar-nominated film Amour.

Colin Hanks and the cast of Elvis & Nixon dramatize a famous meeting of the minds.

Alyson Hannigan (2006 Interview)-The co-star of American Pie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer steps out in her own Date Movie.
Alyson Hannigan (2008 Interview) and her co-stars of How I Met Your Mother go back to the bar that inspired the show.
Glen Hansard and John Carney reinvent the musical with Once.
Hanson-The pop phenomenon goes indie rock.
Curtis Hanson-The acclaimed director throws us another change up with In Her Shoes.
Marcia Gay Harden feels empathy for her conflicted character in Innocent.
Angie Harmon-Takes on another law and order role in the crime drama Rizzoli and Isles.
Dan Harmon-The creator of the cult favorite sitcom Community looks forward to a new semester.
Valerie Harper (2007 interview)-America's favorite upstairs neighbor steps onto Golda's Balcony.
Valerie Harper (2014 interview)-The beloved actress catches us up on her venture in the fight against cancer, LungForce.
Woody Harrelson (2009 interview)-The actor continues his return to the limelight with the critically acclaimed drama The Messenger.
Woody Harrelson interview about 'Wilson'

Woody Harrelson (2017 interview)-The actor has fun playing an anti-social oddball in Wilson.

Jackson Harris-A young singer works his way up the pop star ranks.

Neil Patrick Harris and his co- stars of How I Met Your Mother go back to the bar that inspired the show.
Steve Harris-The Practice favorite returns to series TV in the cult drama Awake.
Bret Harrison takes over the controls of the sitcom The Loop.

Kevin Hart-The comedian gets animated in The Secret Life of Pets.

Josh Hartnett returns to film after a few years off in the adventure Bunraku.
Anne Hathaway (2009 interview)-The star explores addiction and courts Oscar with her role in the indie drama Rachel Getting Married.
Anne Hathaway (2011 interview) dishes about One Day, Catwoman, soul mates, fairytales and avoiding spoilers.
Anne Hathaway (2013 interview) and her cohorts bring the classic Broadway musical Les Misérables to the big screen.

Anne Hathaway (2015 interview) and her co-workers take a look at the clash of old and new office skills in The Intern.

Salma Hayek takes on a difficult new role in Ask the Dust.
Chris Hayes-The MSNBC policy wonk catches us UP on the Twilight of the Elites.
Jordan Hayes fights a pandemic in the Syfy series Helix.

Todd Haynes and the cast and crew of Carol take a look back at lesbianism in the world of sixty years ago.

Michel Hazanavicius-The French director revives the silent film with the surprise Oscar fave The Artist.
Emily Hearn-Young singer/songwriter blows up like a "Volcano" with her latest album Hourglass.
Heathers-Twin Irish singers bring their fusion of traditional folk and modern dance to the States with their second album Kingdom.

Garrett Hedlund and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Tricia Helfer-From supermodel to cyborg to spy - she lives out all our fantasies.
Chris Hemsworth takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.

Josh Henderson (2012 interview) and his castmates give us the skinny on the reboot of the classic series Dallas.


Jill Hennessy (2004 interview)-The star of Crossing Jordan juggles being a new mother with a hit series.

Jill Hennessy (2015 interview)-The Crossing Jordan and Law & Order actress goes back to her roots of singing with I Do while continuing her TV stardom on Madam Secretary.

Howard Hesseman and Loni Anderson-Two of the stars of WKRP in Cincinnati celebrate that seminal sitcom's DVD release.
Jennifer Love Hewitt puts us on The Client List.
Taylor Hicks-The blue-eyed soul man who became an American Idol sensation releases his major-label debut CD.
John Michael Higgins-A dramatic thespian takes on Hollywood's insistence that he be a wacky comic presence.
Tom Higginston takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.

Freddie Highmore plays a part in planning for the end as Bates Motel retreats from sanity.

Madison Hildebrand-Brokers a fast-track real estate career into a reality TV stint.
Dulé Hill psyches us out with his popular cable series.
Nichole Hiltz discusses the second season of the hit cable drama In Plain Sight.
Thomas Hine gets down and chronicles the seventies in The Great Funk.
Emile Hirsch (2007 interview) takes a walk on the wild side.
Emile Hirsch (2008 interview) and the cast and crew of Milk make a labor of love to remind us of an important but mostly forgotten slain politician and activist.
Dustin Hoffman makes a little magic in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
Philip Seymour Hoffman resurrects the celebrated author Capote.
Susanna Hoffs-The Bangles singer goes solo with the Sixties' love note Someday.
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors-A rootsy family band teaches us about the Good Light.
Gina Holden-A self-confessed sci-fi nerd gets to live her fantasies in Flash Gordon.
Bill Holderman Bill Holderman works with Hollywood royalty as the co-writer/director of the hit film Book Club.
André Holland discusses bringing August Wilson's Jitney to the Broadway stage and his role in the Oscar-nominated Moonlight.

Iain Hollands braves facing the end of the world in You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Katie Holmes takes on a cult favorite in making Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.
Tom Hooper and his cast bring the classic Broadway musical Les Misérables to the big screen.

Anthony Hopkins (2006 interview)-An acting legend breaks the speed barrier in The World's Fastest Indian.
Anthony Hopkins (2011 interview) takes on the world of a favorite comic book hero in Thor.
Hot Chelle Rae chat with us backstage at Jingle Ball 2012.
Ernie Hudson (2014 interview)-Looks back at 30 years of not being afraid of no ghosts as one of the legendary Ghostbusters.
Ernie Hudson interview about 'Grace & Frankie' Ernie Hudson (2018 interview)-A Ghostbuster moves forward as part of the popular Netflix series Grace & Frankie.
Sarah Hudson - The singer gives us the Naked Truth.
Felicity Huffman-The desperate housewife takes a real risk with Transamerica.
Holly Hunter-This respected actress' career has Nine Lives.
Ian Hunter-The former Mott the Hoople frontman goes solo... again.

Ryan Hurst learns what it's like to be one of the Outsiders in the popular WGN series.

Timothy Hutton (2010 interview)-The actor positions himself for a third season of Leverage.
Timothy Hutton (2012 interview)-The actor proves he is not ordinary people in the fifth season of Leverage.
Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello reflects on his film debut in Everything is Illuminated.

Armando Ianucci-Finds the humor in the war in Iraq with the hysterical British import In the Loop.
Ice Cube (2005 interview) on the road from hardcore rap to Are We There Yet? and XXX2: State of the Union.

Ice Cube (2016 interview)-Returns to the Barbershop to deliver The Next Cut.

Enrique Iglesias heads back on the road for his Euphoria tour.
IM5-YouTube is helping to create the next massive boy band.

Ingersol-A brand new voice brings us some "Comfort Comfort."

I Nine-a new rock band lives through "Seven Years of Lonely."
Irish Repertory Theater Irish Repertory Theater-We chat with the heads of the long-running New York theatrical institution.
Oscar Isaac -Takes on the Greenwich Village folk scene in Inside Llewyn Davis.
Jason Isaacs-Takes a tragic look back at the Holocaust in Good.
Frankie J-The singing heartthrob returns to the clubs with Priceless.

Alyssa Jacey (2006 interview)-an up-and-coming singer tells us about her music and her big plans.

Alyssa Jacey (2010 interview)-The young singer/songwriter celebrates her debut full-length album Here's to Change.

Jack & Jack-They share more than just a first name, this pop sensation shares the beat.

Hugh Jackman and the cast and crew of Pan give new life to the classic tale of Peter Pan.

Brandon T. Jackson-The comedian goes all mythical on us in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson-A rap star goes behind the scenes for the TV series Power.

Samuel L. Jackson takes on apartheid in this 2005 interview about In My Country.
Samuel L. Jackson (2008 Interview)-The tough-guy actor polices time and space in the adventure Jumper.
Gillian Jacobs-Finishes up another semester at Community.
Luc Jacquet-The French director introduces us to 30,000 friends in March of the Penguins.
Raza Jaffrey takes on city politics and the Great White Way in the popular dramatic series Smash.

Liam James and the crew of The Way, Way Back come of age at a water park.

Lovey James-A young YouTube favorite is making a bid for pop stardom with "Who You Are."
Tommy James-The sixties rocker is living the life in a new millennium.
Thomas Jane-We get raw with the Hung actor and comic mogul.
Allison Janney (2009 interview)-The actress keeps herself very busy with the hit Broadway musical 9 to 5 and the new film Away We Go.
Allison Janney (2012 interview) and the cast of The Oranges give us a ride to suburbia.

Allison Janney (2013 interview) and the crew of The Way, Way Back come of age at a water park.

Famke Janssen-The actress moves behind the camera and gives us the lowdown on Bringing Up Bobby.
Courtney Jaye (2005 interview)-The new singer hits the road with Traveling Light.
Courtney Jaye (2013 interview)-Gives her best case for music stardom yet again with Love and Forgiveness.
Jay-Z-The rapper may be retiring as a performer, but that doesn't mean he is going to Fade To Black.
Jet-The Aussie rockers Shine On.
jewel.gif (178162 bytes) Jewel-Everyone's favorite Alaskan folkie discusses art, music and life's injustices just as her career explodes.
Billy Joel-The musical legend enters into a historic agreement with Madison Square Garden and we were there.
Scarlett Johannson makes the leap from art house movies to the blockbuster summer film The Island.

Jake Johnson searches for a dead body and marital bliss in Digging for Fire.

Director Liza Johnson and the cast of Elvis & Nixon dramatize a famous meeting of the minds.

Angelina Jolie-The superstar goes behind the headlines in the tragic true story A Mighty Heart.

Joe Jonas-The singer takes a shot at reality TV in I Can Do That.

Coco Jones-The upcoming singer believes that if you love them, "Let 'Em Know."
Doug Jones-The actor who has played such creatures as The Silver Surfer and Hellboy's sidekick takes off the makeup.

Rashida Jones (2010 interview) and the cast of Parks and Recreation talk to us from the red carpet.

Rashida Jones (2012 interview) takes a shot at writing a romantic comedy with Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Spike Jonze-Takes a human look at artificial intelligence with Her.
Leslie Jordan-The proudly out and about character actor celebrates over two decades of being Hollywood's go-to effete mama's boy.

Michael B. Jordan (2015 interview) and his co-horts in Fantastic Four take on a legendary comic book franchise.

Michael B. Jordan (2015 interview #2) and the cast and crew of Creed return to the Art Museum steps to take a jab at rebooting a classic franchise.

Ernst Jorgensen-Protecting the musical legacy of the King of Rock and Roll.
Journey-The classic arena rock group targets new Generations.

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